Thursday, February 20, 2014


I accidentally posted on my old photo blog, I can switch it over, but until then, here is the link!!

January jumbo post!

I haven't blogged forever! This year has already been zooming by! I didn't even break my camera out once in January- these pics are all from my phone. First off, we had to break out "Wheezy" a few times. He is Al's neublizer and we hate when he comes to visit. The bad air has not been fun for Al.
We watched alot of TV it seemed...we haven't seen Frozen yet,  but we watch clips of it on youtube. We know all of the songs.

This is classic Wyatt.  Dimples and his tongue out.

We went Skiing at Brighton for our Anniversary. It was so fun and my first time leaving Wyatt for that long! Rachael and John watched our kids.

 I took these cause Taylor totally looks like hipster.

 Desi and I. She is the cutest little girl!

Al wanted to play in her toy.

 Wyatt is our happy little Guy. He is so fun and has such a good temperament. As long as he is fed and has his Zantac (still has reflux issues) he is an angel. 

We went sledding a lot at my old Junior High, right across the street from Mike and Darby's house, so I just left Wyatt napping there. It is a perfect hill for the kids, they can even climb back up themselves, sufficiently wearing themselves out! They both got sleds for Xmas, so they had quite the time. Here is Al coming down face first! I was laughing so hard at this little dare devil.

They got tired by the end:)

We built some snowmen after and ate alot of snow!

We look forward to our Tuesday playdates with friends. Here we are at City Creek.
Everybody zonked out!

Favorite thing: popcorn, milk and a show!

My hot boyfriend:)

My other little boyfriend:)

We washed the car and this was Al's reaction.

He was a little freaked out!

Outside in the cold

Ice cream at Darbys. Al LOVED it!

So we definitely had to take a bath afterward.

And we didn't bring any extra clothes so of course he had to wear Lilly's, then we dressed him up a bit...he made a cute little girl. He loved the Tinkerbell shirt, but not the headband so much.

Haha classic Lillly lovin Al.

My sweet boy.

Then for some reason he dressed up another time. 

He got in here somehow...

We love when "Gate" comes to visit. My kids have a special bond with her. 

She took out her teeth for these two and they thought it was hilarious.

Love my boys! 

Reading with Rach and Jacks.

Wyatt loves this jumpy toy and so do I! 

We threw away Al's binkys. He was ready and it went really well. He never asked for it after we through them in the dumpster.

Love this sleepy baby.

Some of Al's photos...

Finally got him to lay down in the tub.

Started feeding Wyatt rice cereal and baby food. He loved it, but dislikes most fruit.

Some selfies of Al and I love this one below.

Went on a date to the Jazz game.

This is how our bath time usually ends up.

Playdate with our AZ friends. Wish they lived closer!